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Street ChiC

Because fashion is what it's all about
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fashion success comes from:

- we wanna see cool clothes - don't be boring!
- they don't have to be clothes that you have bought, they can be clothes that you saw in a magazine or just browsing on the internet.
- when people post pictures please comment and say if you do or don't like what they're wearing. if you don't, then make a suggestion on how to make it better.
- this community is more about style rather than clothes so tell us about your favorite hair product, makeup line, accessories, or just whatever.
- got a good makeup/fashion tip? all are welcome!
- a picture of you would be nice! remember, you're not going to be rated or told that you're ugly... AND we want to see your pretty face and get a better idea of your style!!!

also, if you would, please fill our our survey when you join. thanks!! :D

- who is/are your favorite designer(s)?
- who is your fashion inspiration?
- what is your best beauty (clothing, makeup, accessories, etc.) bargain?
- what's your favorite:
-make up?
-article of clothing?
- anything else you want to tell us!

we will also be doing themes, and although they're not required to participate in, it's enouraged! if you have a theme idea you can post your idea and we'll get back to you on it and more than likely add it to our list.

thanks, ladies, have fun!